The OS1 Developer Platform is an operating system for logistics and supply chains that allows you to manage infrastructure and logistics operations for any distribution system.

If you want to jump right into the documentation for the various components of the Platform, select from the following links, otherwise read on in this overview as to what the Platform provides.

What can you build with the OS1 Platform?

The Developer Platform provides a rich and comprehensive set of APIs to build logistics solutions such as parcel, freight, and hyperlocal operations. You can use Platform APIs to build Apps and Solutions that enable logistics providers to digitize your internal operations.

The flexibility inherent in the Developer Platform means that any new service offerings/ business lines configured on it are pre-integrated out of the box. Thereby enabling you to create software that operates flexible, reliable, and resilient supply chains at the lowest costs.

Key features provided by the OS1 Platform

Some of the key features that the Platform provides are:

  • Interface to services and resources that are highly extensible and configurable
  • Efficient contextualization and representation of your workflows
    • High visibility at every point of the workflow
  • Secure operation at scale
  • A robust state machine

The logistics platform provides both high-level and low-level interfaces that you can use to develop your logistics software:

  • The Logistics Framework: Do you want to develop your code quickly using predefined templates and APIs that simplify access to resources? Then the Logistics Framework is your best choice.
  • The Core APIs: Do you want full control over every aspect of how your code implements your logistics applications? Then the Core APIs are what you need. They are fundamental building blocks on which the Logistics Framework is built.

You can choose to use one or the other or mix and match to build the most robust solution for your needs or your customer's needs.

Data Warehousing

The OS1 Platform provides a Data Warehouse to facilitate your reporting and data analysis needs.
What data is available in the Data Warehouse?

Data is stored when using the Participant, Container, and Entity Core APIs.
Data is stored when using the Jobs and Objective endpoints of the Dispatch API.
The User, Vehicle, and Facility Logistics Framework APIs are built on top of the Participant API and store searchable data in the Data Warehouse by default.

In addition, the Custom Attributes of services that send data to Data Warehouse are searchable if they are marked as indexable.

To learn more about Data warehousing and to get started using the Data Warehouse, send us a message on our Contact Us page.

App Hosting

The OS1 Platform provides hosting services for Apps built on the Platform. If you need hosting services for your App, send us a message on our Contact Us page.

What’s Next