Console UI Overview

Console simplifies the user experience by enabling access of apps and solutions from a single workspace

About Console UI

The Console UI is a lightweight and user-friendly interface that simplifies the use of Apps and Solutions available on the OS1 Platform. Developed by multiple developers, these Apps and Solutions are conveniently accessible through the Console UI. The console features a one-stop-shop that organizes all authorized Apps and Solutions, offering a unified view to users. There’s also a persistent header that allows users to effortlessly navigate from one app to another. In essence, the Console UI aims to provide a seamless experience for users working with various apps.

By integrating the Console UI, you can effectively merge this experience with your application, eliminating the need for custom implementation of login, logout, and user navigation functionality. Learn more in our Integrating with Console How-to guide.

Console UI Features

Login Options

The console includes configurable login features offering users a seamless and secure sign-in experience. With options to log in via phone or email with a One-Time Password (OTP), a secure authentication method, is sent to users' devices, ensuring a convenient login process. Additionally, the console also has the Google Single Sign-On feature. This enables Google users to log into the Console UI using their existing Google credentials, eliminating the need for creating and remembering another username and password while maintaining a high level of security.

Customizable Header

Developers can customize the Console UI header by adding different type controls including a textbox, search box, auto-complete, and more. This allows you to tailor the header controls to suit the specific needs of your application. For detailed instructions on customizing your header, refer to the Integrating with Console guide.

Persistent Navigation

The Console UI incorporates a persistent header and navigation that allows users to navigate between different apps effortlessly. After opening an App, the header remains visible allowing users to switch between apps without the need to re-authenticate. This provides a consistent and streamlined experience for users as they interact with multiple applications.

Integrating with Console

To integrate your application with the Console UI, you will utilize the Console UI micro-frontend. This web app facilitates authentication, authorization, navigation features, and deep linking. For step-by-step instructions on integrating with the Console UI, refer to the How to: Integrate your existing application with the Console UI. By following the outlined steps, your App will become compatible with the Console UI, providing you with a preview of how your end-users will experience it.