How to: Containerize a child Container

For information about prerequisites, see Creating Containers.

To containerize a child Container, the parent Container must be in the opened state and the child Container in the closed state.

To decontainerize a Container, use the same endpoint with the same values, and as long as the data shows that the parent/child relationship exists, it will reverse the process.

To place a Container in another Container,

  • Call the Containerization/Decontainerization endpoint and pass the Container ID as a path parameter
  • Specify the Container ID of the parent Container in the request body.
  • Pass CONTAINERIZE in the action parameter.

Your request body should look similar to the following:

     "parentId": "pallettwo:38ecdaf0-2bb7-4b14-94c3-3021ec812e78"
     "action": "CONTAINERIZE"

The response body will look similar to the following:

  "parentId": "boxtwo:9c9b1138-7cdd-11eb-9439-0242ac130002",
  "action": "CONTAINERIZE",
  "callback": {
    "url": "",
    "meta": "string"