How to: Create a Vehicle

For information about prerequisites, see Creating Vehicle.

To create your first Vehicle, call the Create Vehicle endpoint and pass a request similar to the following:

  "modelName": "Semi Truck",
  "ownerName": "users:1234-5467-4456",
  "referenceNumber": "63419231",
  "operator": "user:b03369f6-9d60-4f6e-bc06-2dd2e74d9ea1",
  "vehicleCategory": "Truck",
  "vehicleSubCategory": "Bike",
  "ownershipType": "Tenant",
  "vehicleMode": "Land",
  "fuelType": "Petrol",
  "registrationNumber": "MH 01 AA 1234",
  "registrationYear": 2020,
  "vehicleStructure": "Single-unit",
  "modelYear": 2022,
  "reportingCenter": "oofacilities:4d6e7125-aaa3-4ea1-9fd4-44c4f1cad179",
  "numberOfJobs": 10,
  "totalDistance": 34,
  "totalTravelTime": 4,
  "totalLateTime": 1,
  "payload": 100,
  "payloadVolumetric": 15,
  "costPerMonth": 1000,
  "numberOfDays": 19,
  "ratePerHr": 16,
  "ratePerKm": 13,
  "fuelTankCapacity": 12,
  "batteryCapacity": 5,
  "vehicleType": "4-wheeler",
  "containerDimensions": "15*20*17",
  "teams": [

To know more about the members used for creating a Vehicle, check out the Vehicle API documentation.