How to: Create the Participant

For information about prerequisites, see Creating Participants.

To add a Participant, call the Create Participant endpoint. In the participantTypePluralName path parameter, specify the plural name of the type of Participant to base a Participant on the same.

The following request body shows how In this case, mobiledevices, and pass a request body similar to the following:

    "owner": "worldlogistics:06676c3b-ab94-48cf-9435-dbe92f2dfcdf",  
    "name": "Phone 1",  
    "uniqueCode": "ab7cf306-6467-4267-85e1-45a242359b64",  
    "properties": {  
        "type": "phone",  
        "model" : "iPhone 12",  
        "imei" : "352906111885341",  
        "org_owned" : false  


Note: Participant Owner

For the first non-tenant Participant type, the owner must be the Tenant. For the subsequent Participants, the owner can be either the Tenant or you can specify any other existing Participant.

To get the owner's details you can use the TenantAPIs available under Participant service.