How to: Update a User

For information about prerequisites, see Creating Users.

To update information associated with a User:

  1. Retrieve the User ID of the User. See How to: Find the User ID of a User.
  2. Call the Update User endpoint, and use the User ID in the {UserID} path parameter and pass a request body similar to the following:
  "firstName": "UserF",
  "middleName": "UserM",
  "lastName": "UserL",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "designation": "Field-Executive",
  "category": "Regular",
  "employmentType": "Full-time",
  "workLocations": [
  "manager": "string",
  "primaryMobile": {
    "countryCode": "91",
    "number": "9812345678"
  "secondaryMobile": {
    "countryCode": "91",
    "number": "9812345678"
  "identification": {
    "idType": "Adhar Card",
    "validIdNumber": "ABCDE12345"
  "subFunction": "FE",
  "fileID": "file:1238-232-dsfs23-sdsdc"