Create a Facility

facilityName*The name of the participant facilitystringminLength: 1 maxLength: 64
facilityCode*Any unique id associated with the participant facility being createdstringminLength: 1 maxLength: 64
pattern: ^\S{1,64}$
facilityOwnerIdThe participant id of the participant-type as specified in allowedOwners during the creation of the said typestring (participant-type:uuid of participant). If no value is passed, tenant id will be stored.minLength: 1 maxLength: 64
facilityType*The type of the facilitystringpattern: ^[a-zA-z][a-zA-z0-9,_\-]{0,15}$ minLength: 1 maxLength: 16
propertyId*The ID Of the property this facility belongs tostringparticipantId format validation (participant-type:id)
property*property object of the facilityobjectobject with property details (refer schema)
areaArea of the facilitynumber
startTime*starting time of facilitystring
endTimeend time of facilitystring
operatingDuration*Hours of operation of facilitystring**regex: (1[012]
operatingDaysDays of operationarray
teamsthe array of team ids the facility belongs toarrayarray of team ids
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