Create State Machine Config

This endpoint is for creating a new State Machine configuration (states, sub-states, and state transition rules) of an Entity Type. For example, users, bags, boxes, vehicles, etc. specified by entityType.

Some Assumptions:

  • It is assumed that main states in config are always sequential.
  • Since it's sequential, the first main states' default substate would be the state of a new entity type instance created.
  • Also, only the last main state would have the list of terminal states defined, no other main state would have terminal states.

For each non-terminal sub-state, at least one state transition rule is expected. There are 2 types of transitions possible.

  • The state machine cannot be partially updated.
  • Once the state machine is created for a particular entity type, the main states cannot be modified. Tenant can only add/update substates. Addition/updation of rest all configurations, except names of main states, is allowed.
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